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Challenging reading challenge - 19 books in

Well, says Deb, as Agatha Christie hits the pile of done and dusted, that's number 19 done.
What? says Yolinda, again filing her nails.
We've just completed our 19th book for the reading challenge.
Speak for yourself, I'm still on number 5.
What! Why?
Well the Einstein book took a bit of concentration remember?
Oh, that's right - you actually read that?
Uhh yeah you were there remember?, said Yolinda slowly as if to a young child
Yes yes of course I do!, huffed Deb
Remember how he said that the comprehensibility of the world is it's eternal mystery, and the fact that it IS comprehensible is a miracle?  Who would have thought that physics would be so interesting.
Mmmmm said Deb sliding further into the sofa.
And what about his opinions on nature and the constitution of radiation?
Yup that's right........... the ummm................. thingy..............
And the introduction by Stephen Hawkins was both educational and funny don't you think?
Hmmm, had good pi…

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